Apotex - Top 10 Generic Drug Companies 2010

ApotexCompany name: Apotex
Location: Toronto, Canada
Annual sales (in millions): $879
Market share: 2.8%
CEO: Bernard Sherman

Privately owned Apotex was founded in 1974, and is the largest Canadian-owned pharmaceutical company. The company produces more than 260 generic pharmaceuticals in approximately 4,000 dosages, according to the company's website. Apotex employs more than 5,000 employees in Canada in 20 facilities and plans to spend over $2 billion over the next 10 years in R&D.

Recently, Apotex announced the sale of more than 40 pharmaceutical products to AA Pharma, another privately held company that is headquartered in Toronto. No value of the sale was provided.

The worldwide sales of the Apotex Group exceed $963 million per year.

Apotex - Top 10 Generic Drug Companies 2010