Accurins from BIND Therapeutics

Drug delivered: Chemotherapy (docetaxel)
Innovation: Highly targeted, safe cancer drug delivery
Research organization: BIND Therapeutics

Robert Langer's name is synonymous with drug delivery, and the MIT professor and entrepreneur has led the booming wave of nanotech engineering in the field for years.

One of Langer's startups, BIND Therapeutics, completed a Phase I study this year of its targeted cancer therapy BIND-014, which makes use of the company's Accurin technology. The targeted docetaxel showed to be safe and well-tolerated at high doses due to its ability to accumulate safely at the site of a tumor. The biodegradable nanoparticle and chemotherapy drug allow researchers to fine-tune the treatment with unprecedented control.

These are exciting times for BIND, as the Phase I success represents the first one for the Accurin platform, and the company signed a $180 million development deal with Amgen ($AMGN) earlier this year.

Accurins from BIND Therapeutics

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