20. Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical

2014 Generics Sales: $1.2 billion +12%
Worldwide Market Share: 1.6%

One of 2011's fastest growing generics companies, Japan-based Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical said at the time it was hoping to be a top 10 generics company by 2016. Despite its ambitions and position in a favorable market, it hasn't been able to follow that path, landing at No. 20 of the world's largest generics companies in 2014.

With 2011 growth of 79%, Nichi-Iko has slowed considerably since then. To break into the top 10 for next year's list, it would have to post astronomical growth and nearly double 2014's sales. Last year, it grew its sales 12% to $1.2 billion from $1 billion in 2013, while expanding its market share from 1.5% to 1.6%.

In its "6th Mid-term Business Plan 'Pyramid,'" issued in 2012, the company says it aims to create value through raising its brand recognition and presence as a generics maker. To do that, it says it will invest in product differentiation, maintaining its infrastructure, developing anticancer agents and biosimilars and improving productivity to boost itself into the top 10 ranks. As of September, it offered 622 different products and dosage forms in Japan and 5 in Hong Kong, with products in Malaysia and Thailand "to be announced."

In a May 2014 update to the "Pyramid," it said it'll accelerate its focus on biosimilars, overseas business expansion and manufacturing subsidiaries.

"Nichi-Iko is striving to bring superior generic drugs to patients through high-performance automatic production equipment, along with risk minimization and cost reduction," the company's website says. 

The company's distribution center, which has been operating since 2003, has the capacity to ship 1,200 packages daily to 400 locations, the website says. 

Founded in 1965, the company now boasts 1,100 employees and 7 manufacturing plants throughout Japan. Its three subsidiaries are Nichi-Iko Medical Practice Institution, Yakuhan Pharmaceutical and Nichi-Iko Pharma Tech.

-- Eric Sagonowsky (email)

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20. Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical

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