2. AbbVie

Total: $362.9 million
TV: $330.7 million
Magazine: $26.2 million
Newspaper: $89,400
Radio: $5.7 million

It's a one-horse advertising game for AbbVie ($ABBV) with blockbuster arthritis drug Humira accounting for 56% of its total advertising in 2014. Which actually makes sense--almost--when you consider that Humira also accounts for roughly that same percentage (58%) of AbbVie's sales. The one-drug portfolio model, of course, is not a preferred revenue or advertising strategy, and AbbVie is working to diversify. It recently struck a deal to acquire Pharmacyclics ($PCYC) and its share of the cancer-fighting Imbruvica, which is expected to clear $1 billion in sales this year. And then there's Viekira Pak, the hepatitis C cocktail AbbVie rolled out late last year to compete with Gilead Sciences' ($GILD) blockbuster meds Sovaldi and Harvoni. Though it's not expected to hit the same heights as Gilead's drugs, Viekira should add some heft to AbbVie's top line. AbbVie's 2014 revenue of $20 billion was an increase from 2013 sales of $18.8 billion.

Humira advertising, much like its revenue, will likely continue strong through this year and even next year, as it won't lose patent protection in the U.S. until the end of 2016--and after that, it will be fighting off biosimilar copies. However, AbbVie's pipeline focus on hepatitis and cancer drugs could also mean a future drop in paid media as those categories aren't traditionally advertised aggressively. AbbVie's overall advertising did in fact, drop 8.9% this year, along with a similar drop in Humira spending.

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2. AbbVie

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