14. Eli Lilly

Unlike many of its peers, Eli Lilly saw decent growth last year.

14. Eli Lilly & Co.
Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana
2016 revenues: $21.22 billion
2015 revenues: $20 billion

Despite a number of challenges facing the company and the broader pharma industry last year, Eli Lilly turned in decent growth as the Indianapolis drugmaker boosted its top line by 6% to $21.22 billion.

Blockbuster insulin Humalog, erectile dysfunction med Cialis and lung cancer med Alimta led sales charts for the year at Lilly, with each ginning up revenues north of $2 billion around the world.

All told, Lilly grew reported EPS and net income by 14% each, to $2.58 and $2.738 billion, respectively.

Year-over-year, Humalog fell 3% to $2.768 billion, while Cialis grew 7% to $2.471 billion.

Going forward, however, Cialis will see a steady descent down to $55 million in U.S. sales by 2022, according to a recent projection by EvaluatePharma analysts. Its patent protection is set to be wiped away in the world’s top drug market late this year.

Alimta, which recently won a patent reprieve from a U.S. court, dipped 8% during 2016 to $2.283 billion. The decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit will give Lilly exclusivity on the big-seller until 2022 if it survives all remaining challenges.

On the not-so-pleasant side of things for the company, Lilly took a devastating hit at the end of the year with the phase 3 failure of Alzheimer’s med solanezumab. In the wake of that failure, the company had to eliminate 485 jobs in January, most of which were in its Alzheimer’s unit.

In December, the company cut some sales positions and said it’d stop promoting three meds poised to lose patent protection: Cialis, ADHD med Strattera and blood clot-fighter Effient. Together, the three meds brought in more than $1.5 billion in U.S. revenues last year.

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As older meds near the end of their lifespan, Lilly will look to its launches to hold sales ground. On that front, diabetes newcomers Trulicity and Jardiance turned in total 2016 sales of $925 and $201 million, respectively. Other “new pharmaceutical products” Cyramza, Taltz and Basaglar continued to pick up steam.

In total, new products brought in nearly $2 billion in 2016, Lilly reported.

14. Eli Lilly