The 12 greenest companies in biopharma

"G" is for green and for GSK. The U.K.-based Big Pharma is a leader among drugmakers bringing sustainability and green practices to facilities, manufacturing and supply chain operations. Economic drivers--including reductions in cycle times, energy use and costs--are prevailing over corporate responsibility as a reason to jump in feet first.

GSK has plenty of company among pharma manufacturers whose names appear across the growing number of lists that rate companies by their environmental initiatives. Among the sources consulted for this report are the Carbon Disclosure Project, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Newsweek magazine and the Wall Street Journal Sustainability Index.

The core stats provided on the following pages come from the companies' sustainability reports--well-vetted and credible reports across the board. Figures are from the most recent year reported; included in parentheses, when available, is the previous year's stat. And when possible, we've included both annual quantities and quantities normalized to sales to aid comparisons.

Abbott Labs

Johnson & Johnson



Bayer Healthcare


Bristol-Myers Squibb


Eli Lilly

Roche/ Genentech