1. Leonard "Len" Schleifer - Regeneron

Leonard "Len" Schleifer
CEO, Regeneron
Total Compensation:
$36.27 million

Professional Profile: Len Schleifer, 60, is a college professor turned entrepreneur. In 1988, he left Cornell University Medical College, where he was an assistant professor in neurology and neurobiology, to start Regeneron ($REGN). He's been CEO ever since, persisting through many years of failures and setbacks, including delayed approval of Eylea, the vision drug that's Regeneron's current claim to fame. Last year, he made FiercePharma's list of the 25 most influential people in biopharma. 

Not to mention the fact that these days, Schleifer is a billionaire.

As calculated earlier this year by Forbes, Schleifer's stake in Regeneron, which he co-founded with R&D chief George Yancopoulos, was worth some $600 million, with another $300 million-plus in exercisable options. Add that to personal assets, and his worth surpasses $1 billion. And that was before the latest additions to his share-and-option stash: Part of Schleifer's 2013 pay package was $33 million in options, making his status in the billionaire club more secure.

As pay packages go, Schleifer's is heavy on the incentive side, with only $1 million in salary, $2 million in bonus and about $105,000 in perks and other compensation. The rest? The aforementioned $33 million in options. That makes doubly sure Schleifer keeps his eye on shareholder value.

Company Profile: It's good to be Len Schleifer. His company is still pumping out big sales of its vision-loss drug Eylea, which blazed past the blockbuster barrier last year. His Eylea partner, Bayer, continues putting the drug through its paces to develop new indications--and the even bigger sales that could come with them. And in January, Bayer signed up to develop and sell a new eye treatment, REGN2176, outside the U.S.

Meanwhile, Schleifer's other development partner, Sanofi ($SNY), keeps buying up shares in a Big Pharma show of confidence. And one of the drugs those two companies are developing--alirocumab, a cholesterol fighter of the PCSK9 class--is moving forward, despite a scare earlier this year about cognitive side effects. It's expected to join Eylea in blockbuster-land; analysts see alirocumab peaking at about $3 billion in sales. Meanwhile, a couple of other would-be products under development with Sanofi, a rheumatoid arthritis drug and an asthma-and-allergy med, have produced promising data. And a new plant in Ireland will help Regeneron pull in the reins on its tax rate. -- Tracy Staton (email | Twitter)

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1. Leonard "Len" Schleifer - Regeneron

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