Pizza + burgers = heartburn for Rascal Flatts, new faces of Pfizer's OTC Nexium

Pfizer signed Rascal Flatts to rep its new OTC version of Nexium.--Courtesy of Rascal Flatts

Dream come true time for Pfizer ($PFE) and its Nexium 24HR brand team. No sooner had the drugmaker signed Rascal Flatts to rep the new OTC version of the heartburn drug than People magazine came calling. With the tough questions.

Interview subject number one? Junk food. Number two? The inevitable aftermath of junk food, a.k.a. heartburn. Number three? The remedy, a.k.a. Nexium 24HR.

"On the road, we eat late and we don't eat as healthy as we should," lead singer Gary LeVox told the magazine. And that, as any doctor will tell you, is the perfect recipe for ... wait for it ... heartburn!

We'll save you the suspense: Bassist Jay DeMarcus goes for burgers--"I'll get Five Guys with just cheese on it. And then a vat of ketchup and swoop it down into the ketchup!" LeVox likes Graeter's toffee ice cream. And as guitarist Joe Don Rooney told the magazine, "We all freaking love pizza!"

Good thing, because their tour bus is apparently stocked with pizza nightly.

The band admitted to People that their late-night scarf-fests do have a downside. "We've all suffered from frequent heartburn for a long time," LeVox told the pub. Hence the sign-on to be the faces of Pfizer's recently launched OTC Nexium brand--and promote the website with its money-back guarantee and coupon offers.

And here's the kicker, the coup de grâce, the cherry on top of the Pfizer marketing sundae, from the joking lips of DeMarcus: "I can eat like crap whenever I want and I'm okay."

If that's not the perfect tagline for a heartburn drug now available over the counter in the U.S., well, phone us with a better one. In the meantime, tell Rascal Flatts to check out the "Lifestyle" tab on the site for some healthier food choices.

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