Patient groups don't trust pharma marketing. So what to do?

Every year, PatientView takes the temperature of patient groups around the world and delivers its verdict on the pharma business. This time around, survey respondents gave a thumbs-up to drugmakers' innovation and quality. They weren't as impressed, however, with pharma marketing.

In fact, only 26% said they trust pharma's marketing to be ethical. That's down 8 percentage points just since 2011.

Considering the series of marketing settlements with the U.S. government, that might not be surprising. Patients have seen the headlines about multibillion-dollar payments for off-label marketing and kickbacks. With almost every major drugmaker on the hook for breaking the marketing rules, the skepticism is a natural consequence.

But it's not just the negative news. Patients are more savvy these days, PatientView CEO Alexandra Wyke points out. And they can share it easily online, so one ad debunker can spread an antipharma opinion very quickly. Read more from FiercePharmaMarketing >>