Got a problem, doc? In Eli Lilly's brave new sales world, that's a plus

New sales models are trendy in Big Pharma. Actually, they're de rigueur: With thousands fewer drug reps on the street these days, and many doctors turning reps away, companies have had to turn to new ways of promoting their products. Plus, all those pesky Department of Justice settlements make the old hard sell seem sketchy.

What's Eli Lilly's version? According to an interview with Alex Azar, president of the Indianapolis-based company's U.S. business, it's problem-solving.

As InsuranceNewsNet reports, Lilly ($LLY) sends its 2,000-plus U.S. reps into doctors' offices to "broker" solutions to patients' problems. They take lists of patient issues and draw on Lilly's resources to help solve them. Free samples and copay coupons, of course, but also helping ensure supplies of particular meds to a particular patient's pharmacy, or troubleshooting another patient's uncommon reaction to a Lilly product, by hooking a doctor up with a Lilly scientist. Read more from FiercePharmaMarketing >>