Docs see twice as many iPad-carrying reps

Any doubt that the iPad is the pharma sales rep's tool of choice? No? Well, now you have the numbers to back up that belief. According to a Manhattan Research report, 65% of doctors who've seen a drug rep in person this year also saw that drug rep's iPad.

That's more than twice the percentage of iPad-wielding reps in last year's ePharma Physician study. Not only that, but reps with iPads apparently are more influential with their target docs. More than a third of doctors said they'd be more likely to request a drug sample from an iPad-carrying rep, and 29% said they'd be more likely to prescribe.

"We're seeing more positive signs ... that the use of iPads by reps is driving the desired engagement and behavior among physicians," Manhattan Research's Monique Levy said in a statement. "We're also getting more clarity on the kinds of features and content physicians want."

For instance, Levy said, doctors like to see demos of apps that they can download for their own use, and they're interested in video statements from key opinion leaders (a.k.a., doctors or experts recruited to give an opinion about a drug).

- see the Manhattan Research release

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