India warns drugmakers failure not an option for price data due next week

SINGAPORE--India's National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has given drugmakers operating in the country until Feb. 3 to supply the mountain of price and sales material necessary for determining the next round of price caps on 102 drugs on its "essential" list. Failure "will be viewed seriously," it said in a notice.

Earlier in January, the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Price Negotiations for Patented Drugs apparently determined that the drugmakers needed to be prodded to produce the requested material on time. The NPPA issued a memorandum Jan. 27 giving makers of any of the 102 drugs 7 days to provide the information.

In response to the same interministerial meeting on Jan. 8, the agency sent a notice to the Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India to "impress on your member units" to provide the material for every patented drug they market in India that is on the National List of Essential Medicines.

The mass of information sought includes the brand name, description, patent information, intended use, name, the molecule, package size and the current price, among other things.

In another NPPA notice issued the same day, the agency sought the wholesale price of the 87 formulations as of May 2012 and another 15 formulations as of September 2013.

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