Bill Gates exhorts China healthcare innovators to do good, and well

Bill Gates

China Daily posted an interview with Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft ($MSFT) and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who lauded the country's efforts to build on reforms that have transformed access to healthcare services in the world's most populous country. Gates made the remarks about prospects for advances in global healthcare and where China could play a key role as part of a series related to President Xi Jinping's state visit to the U.S, and address to the United Nations on global development goals. "China is a nation with immediate experience dealing with many of the challenges of the developing world," Gates said in written replies to questions from China Daily. "It accounts for much of the world's progress in meeting the Millennium Development Goal on poverty reduction by lifting 600 million out of poverty in just 30 years. And it has led the world over the last 15 years in the annual rate of decline of both maternal and child mortality." He also said the country remains a focal point for "producing important technologies for global health, including new TB diagnostics, HPV screening technology, and coolers that can keep vaccines cold and safe, without external refrigeration, for more than a month." He did also have a bit of capitalist advice on how innovators in China can help in global healthcare that had echoes of Deng Xiaoping. "My recommendation for China's innovators? We would like to see more Chinese innovators use their talents to help solve the most urgent health and development challenges around the world. This doesn't have to mean giving away products. Doing good can also mean doing well." Report