BD launches AutoShield Duo pen for diabetics

AutoShield Duo--Courtesy of BD

Becton Dickinson ($BD) announced today that its BD AutoShield Duo pen for insulin and diabetes drug delivery is now available in retail pharmacies. 

"Diabetes is a self-managed disease that requires constant monitoring and involvement to achieve personal goals. By simplifying the steps, BD AutoShield Duo pen needles can help make insulin injection easier, safer and more convenient than ever before," said BD's worldwide president of diabetes care Ranjeet Banerjee in a statement. "The US launch of the BD AutoShield Duo pen needle is the latest example of BD's commitment to innovation to simplify the management of diabetes for people around the world." There is no inner shield and recapping necessary, the company says.

In addition, BD says its patented dual front and back-end shields prevents accidental needle stick injury and reduces injection anxiety by making the needle less visible. A front shield covers the needle before and after injection. After use, a safety shield that locks the needle in place is deployed, and a rear shield is deployed once the delivery device is removed from the insulin pen.

BD says AutoShield is meant for patients who have a fear of needles, inject on-the-go or have poor vision or dexterity, and that the product is covered by virtually all insurance plans. In the statement, the company said it supports the American Association of Diabetes Educators practice advisory for injection technique guidelines, which include requests for shorter needles, site rotation and the one-time use of needles. 

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