TissueGen launches Elute drug-delivering fiber

TissueGen, a decade-long developer of drug-delivering polymer fibers, released its broad-range mesh technology Elute to the market.

The Dallas-based TissueGen's biodegradable mesh delivery system operates in a way no other device does, founder and chief scientific officer Kevin Nelson told FierceDrugDelivery. The way Elute's polymers are aligned allows two mechanisms of release. First, the actual blend of polymers enables precise control of the time of degradation of the material in the body. And second, TissueGen controls the porosity of the material to control drug release. With both of these mechanisms in hand, Elute offers uniquely tailored drug delivery, Nelson said.

Elute also boasts a broad range of drug compatibility from small drugs like antibiotics to biological agents such as human growth factors, enzymes and parts of viruses.

"Most of the work we had done before this was narrow and for a particular use," Knowles said of Elute. "But our decision to go direct-to-market makes it readily available for a broad range of uses."

TissueGen recently partnered with Biomedical Structures in developing and manufacturing Elute, which is available in several different devices so far, including cardiovascular stents, urethral stents and a growth-hormone-laden suture material. As the company moves forward with the material, Nelson said, it's looking at possibilities in nerve regeneration.

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