SHL ups Taiwanese auto injector production by $40M

Drug-delivery devicemaker SHL is expanding its Taiwan venture by $40 million this year, investing in facilities for its line of auto injectors, pen injectors and inhalers.

The company, which sells its advanced delivery devices to pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the world, says the growing market for biologic injectables inspired the decision to up its R&D efforts and hire several hundred employees in Taiwan this year, adding to its more than 2,200 workers globally.

The U.S.- and Sweden-based organization has invested more than $100 million in its Taiwan manufacturing plants over the last 5 years, keeping a promise it made to the government at the time. The company will further ramp up production at several facilities in the country with a focus on molding, material handling and automation capabilities, as well as on a higher capacity for sales.

One of SHL's more recent auto injectors is the Molly device, released in 2010, which has a two-step injection process and gives audible, visual and tactile feedback. The company has more than 50 other devices currently in development.

Asia has seen an influx of manufacturing activity in recent years, and Taiwan in particular has picked up a bevy of new facilities, including the country's own Scinopharm's $37.6 million investment in a cytoxic compound plant. Plus, last year the nation disclosed plans to nurture the surging device industry there.

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