Japan's Ono files for NSCLC for Opdivo; Shanghai Pharma sticks with acquisition strategy;

> Japan's Ono Pharmaceuticals files for in-country approval of anti-PD-1 mAb Opdivo (nivolumab) for NSCLC, which follows approval for melanoma in July 2014. Release (PDF)

> Jintian Pharmaceutical Group changes company name to Universal Health International to better reflect industry prospects. Release (PDF)

> China Grand and Healthcare Holdings form joint venture for cardiovascular interventional medical devices. Release (PDF)

> RAPS Asia roundup covers India data fraud, FDA inspectors in China. More (PDF)

> Pembrolizumab, one of a new class of melanoma drugs that tricks the immune system into destroying cancer cells, is keeping patients alive for years longer than expected in Australia. Report

> Shanghai Pharmaceuticals plans to stick to an acquisition strategy focused on commerce and industry in 2015. Annual report (PDF)