InSite eyes next-generation DuraSite delivery

InSite Vision has announced DuraSite 2, a next-generation version of its ocular delivery system. According to the company, DuraSite 2, which is based on the company's original DuraSite technology, has better tissue penetration for topical eye drugs, improving efficacy and making eye dosing more convenient.

To demonstrate the difference between the two technologies, InSite carried out an animal study, comparing DuraSite and DuraSite 2, both delivering ketorolac, with a ketorolac solution alone. The DuraSite 2 formulation delivered twice as much drug to the eye than DuraSite plus ketorolac, and four times as much as ketorolac alone.

As well as aiming to improve drug delivery, the new formulation will extend InSite Vision's patent portfolio, as the patents (currently pending) were submitted in the U.S. and Europe in 2009 and published in 2010, providing a potential patent life until 2029 for this new drug delivery system. This is important economically and strategically for the company, and will also strengthen the patent position for all drugs formulated with DuraSite 2.

InSite is conducting a Phase III trial of BromSite, using the first-generation DuraSite to deliver bromfenac to cut post-surgery eye pain, with results late this year or early next year. InSite plans to incorporate the DuraSite 2 platform into all of its pipeline drugs, and seek exclusive and non-exclusive licensees in the ophthalmology industry.

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