HK's Sihuan in partnership with Covance on drug development

Hong Kong-listed Sihuan Pharmaceutical said it has joined hands with U.S.-based Covance to develop a drug pipeline aimed at China and U.S. approvals.

Sihuan, in a release to the Hong Kong Exchange, said the pipeline includes compounds that address unmet needs across a range of therapeutic areas from cardiovascular and metabolic to infectious disease, oncology and urology.

The company said it has worked on a research and development strategy for innovative patented new drugs since 2008 and has successfully submitted Investigational New Drug application for eight Category 1.1 innovative drugs, 5 of which have been granted approval for clinical trials, and three of which have entered into Phase I clinical trials.

"In total, there are 14 projects of innovative drugs under development," a press release says. 

The first IND application of Pirotinib, a self-developed innovative patented oncology drug, has been submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the company said, adding it has preclinical and clinical development candidates.

- here's the release