Hanmi licenses poziotinib to U.S.-based Spectrum outside of China, South Korea

Hanmi Pharmaceutical has licensed its poziotinib for treating several types of cancer to U.S.-based Spectrum Pharmaceuticals ($SPPI) to market the oral HER-inhibitor globally except in China and South Korea.

The drug is in Phase II trials in South Korea for expanding its breast cancer indication to Stage 4 patients. Other trials are underway for its use for treating colorectal, gastric and lung cancers.

Spectrum said that in early trials the drug showed a 60% response rate for breast cancer patients who did not respond to other treatments, such as trastuzumab and lapatinib. No financial details were disclosed, but Hanmi is to cover the cost of completing the Phase II trials.

Hanmi also retains marketing rights in China and at home.

Hanmi has battled with major drug firms such as AstraZeneca ($AZN) over Nexium copies in the U.S. and with Pfizer ($PFE) for generic Viagra at home.

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