Fast migraine treatment battles sickness, too

Migraines are unpleasant things, and for some people the blinding headache is topped off with a belt of sickness. Private company MonoSol Rx is tackling this by developing MSRX-202, a single-dose combination of the migraine drug rizatriptan with the anti-nausea remedy ondansetron, all packaged in its PharmFilm drug delivery technology, which dissolves in the mouth in less than 20 seconds.

Around half of people who have migraines will also feel sick, and about a third will actually vomit. Many are prescribed two separate medications, as there is no product on the market that treats all three symptoms.

A. Mark Schobel, president and CEO of MonoSol Rx, said: "MSRX-202 … has the potential to be the fastest acting oral migraine pain medication on the market. Our preclinical and first-in-man pharmacokinetic studies indicate that the therapeutic dose will provide relief from pain in as little as 15 minutes without the use of a device."

MonoSol Rx is looking for marketing partners to commercialize MSRX-202.

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