Aptar launches new inhaler with eye on emerging markets

Twister is Aptar Pharma's new dry powder inhaler--courtesy Aptar Pharma

Just in time for World Asthma Day, Aptar Pharma ($ATR) is launching a capsule-based dry powder inhaler. It's aiming to boost its sales in emerging markets with Twister, which is designed to be a more affordable platform.

In Europe and the U.S., most asthma treatments are delivered through dry powder inhalers, like Aptar's own Prohaler. However, in the developing world, pressurized metered-dose inhalers are generally favored because they're cheaper.

Aptar believes Twister's low-cost production can meet an unmet need in Asia and Latin America, allowing for regional manufacturing and ease of use. It's an off-the-shelf device, the company says, and patients only have to insert a capsule, twist the knob and inhale.

While Aptar didn't project what it expects to make off Twister, the company did mention that healthcare reforms in emerging markets are leading to greater availability of asthma diagnosis and prescriptions for treatment. Twister could be a big success as dry powder inhalers gain momentum in the developing world.

"Prohaler opened the door and taught us a lot about the world of (dry-powder inhalers)," said Adam Shain, Aptar's associate director of business development. "With the launch of Twister, Aptar Pharma is set to fulfill regional needs for a simpler and well-suited solution to deliver powder to the lungs."

When last we heard from the company, it was touting SUBSYS, a new application for its under-the-tongue spray device, designed to treat cancer flare-ups.

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