Vaccine Market Access in China - M&A Paves the Way for Foreign Companies

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This report presents an overview of the market environment for vaccine makers in China. It discusses vaccine recommendations and coverage, the regulatory situation, pricing an reimbursement and vaccine distribution in China. It analyzes portfolios, pipelines, strategies and local deals of both domestic and multinational vaccine companies and suggests strategies for optimal market penetration.

Features and benefits

* Review the current regulatory process, pricing, vaccination recommendations and coverage in China.* Examine the major drivers and resistors of the current Chinese vaccine market. Understand the key opportunities and threats facing developers.* Develop commercial strategies for operating in the Chinese vaccines market.


China is the largest vaccine consumer in the world. It is a closed market with a strong local vaccine industry, access to which is challenging for Western players. While state-owned companies dominate the category 1 vaccine market, privately owned and foreign vaccine manufacturers play a significant role in the category 2 vaccine market.GlaxoSmithKline is the biggest multinational vaccine player in China, with 23 million doses of vaccine approved in 2010. The company's most successful vaccines in China are its MMR, hepatitis B and A vaccines. Among domestic vaccine players, CNBG and Sinovac excel in terms of category 1 vaccine supply and strong R&D capacities.In order to penetrate the Chinese market, partnerships with local vaccine companies are crucial for Western vaccine manufacturers. Datamonitor believes that hospitals in second- and third-tier cities will be the next target for multinational companies. New GMP guidelines will further increase M&A opportunities for multinationals.

Your key questions answered

* What are the key domestic and multinational companies active in the vaccine development?* What are the resistors and drivers of the Chinese human vaccine market?* How are vaccines categorized in China? What is the regulatory process of vaccine development?

Executive Summary

Strategic scoping and focusDatamonitor insight into the Chinese vaccines marketRelated reportsOVERVIEWCatalystSummaryMARKET OVERVIEWKey findingsHistoric developmentCurrent market situationIn 2009, the Chinese vaccine market was valued at $700m–1,520m, growing at a CAGR of around 15%More than 1 billion doses of human vaccines were registered and approved by the National Institutes of Food and Drug Control in 2010According to WHO estimates, 200 million doses of the five main vaccines are distributed in China per yearRegulatory process for vaccinesIt takes at least 2 years for an imported vaccine to be approved and launched in ChinaDomestic vaccine manufacturers have advantages in the approval process with the central and local authoritiesThe central government has put vaccine development at the heart of its biological products development strategyNew SFDA guidance emphasizes quality and safety as key considerations for vaccine manufacturingVaccination recommendationsVaccines are grouped into two categories in ChinaVaccine pricingDifferent pricing mechanisms apply to category 1 and category 2 vaccines in ChinaPrices of category 1 vaccines can fluctuate depending on medical needsVaccines from multinational companies enjoy higher prices in ChinaLocal governments have conducted a series of price cuts on Category 2 vaccinesVaccine reimbursementNIP vaccines are fully paid for by the governmentThe human rabies vaccine was the only category 2 vaccine listed on the 2009 version of the NRDLVaccine distribution and accessUnder new regulations, the number of vaccine distribution sites increased from 143 to more than 700Vaccination coverageOfficial statistics suggest that vaccination coverage is very high in ChinaIn reality, the vaccination coverage for migrant populations and newborns in rural less developed regions is much lower than claimed in the official statisticsKEY COMPANIES ACTIVE IN THE CHINESE VACCINES MARKETKey findingsIndustry overviewMore than 50 vaccine manufacturers are registered with the SFDA, with an annual output of more than 1 billion dosesMultinational corporationsGlaxoSmithKlineSanofi PasteurMerck & Co., Novartis, and PfizerLocal vaccine playersChina National Biotec GroupSinovacSTRATEGIC RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MARKET ACCESSKey findingsKey future target indicationsSWOT analysis of China as a target market for vaccinesDrivers and resistorsDriversResistorsBest strategy for market penetrationBIBLIOGRAPHYJournal articlesWebsitesDatamonitor reportsAPPENDIXContributing expertsConferences attendedReport methodology

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