Unichem Laboratories to Secure Its Products Against Counterfeiting By Deploying 70 Million of PharmaSecure's Codes

New High-Volume SMS-Based Technology is Designed to Protect Consumers and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers from Global Threats of Counterfeiting and Diversion

News Facts:

Unichem Laboratories and PharmaSecure today announced that Unichem has purchased 70 million of PharmaSecure's codes to be used for protecting its products and consumers from counterfeiting and diversion.

The unique identifier codes will be applied to several of Unichem's leading medicines. The codes will be integrated into existing manufacturing processes at two plants in India.

This unique product security solution empowers consumers to check whether a drug is authentic via text message (SMS) using a mobile phone. When consumers receive their medication, they are able to text the unique identifier on the individual strip to a phone number that is printed alongside the code. They then receive an authentication text message from Unichem in response.

This is the only technology currently in use in the Indian market that empowers consumers themselves to check the authenticity of their medicines.

This system ensures data protection and brand security to manufacturers for branded, branded generic and generic manufacturers through seamless factory integration. It also provides customized CRM services based on its authentication platform to enhance consumer protection and improve health outcomes.

Unichem chose PharmaSecure's technology because of its high scalability and ability to integrate the system efficiently into current factory processes. There will be no change to Unichem's manufacturing processes and production output will remain the same.

"We are excited to provide Unichem with a product security service that will enable them to have more line-of-sight into their distribution, and establish increased trust with their customers," said Nathan Sigworth, CEO and co-founder of PharmaSecure. "In addition, our primary goal continues to be to provide solutions to empower consumers to authenticate any product they buy anywhere in the world. This very large implementation, by one of India's leading pharmaceutical companies, shows that this is possible."

"We selected PharmaSecure's technology based on the company's excellent customer service and ability to implement the technology across multiple products at different plants, and without disruption," said Dr. Prakash Mody, chairman and managing director of Unichem Laboratories Ltd. "Strengthening our brand and differentiating our products is an ongoing process in our business operations and it is essential that we use the latest technology, like the one PharmaSecure offers, to protect the interests of our customers."

About PharmaSecure

PharmaSecure's mission is to provide scalable, affordable authentication platforms for all consumers. PharmaSecure's SMS authentication technology empowers consumers to verify whether a medicine is authentic by sending a text message to a phone number, using a unique identifier applied to the package. PharmaSecure's technology is designed for pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to increase brand security, while requiring a highly scalable product that can be seamlessly integrated into current manufacturing processes. For more information about the company, please visit www.pharmasecure.com.

About Unichem Laboratories

Unichem Laboratories Limited is an international, integrated, specialty pharmaceutical company. It manufactures and markets a large basket of pharmaceutical formulations as branded generics as well as generics in India and several other markets across the world. In India, the company is a leader in niche therapy areas of cardiology, neurology, orthopedics and anti-infectives. The company has strong skills in product development, process chemistry and manufacturing of complex APIs as well as dosage forms. More information about the company can be found at www.unichemlabs.com.