'The Top Line': What went down on Biogen's earnings call, AstraZeneca's prospects after its CTLA-4 approval

It’s earnings season again. Biogen offered a look at its second foray into Alzheimer’s disease during its investor call, but listeners were still left dubious. All eyes—and ears—are on whether its lecanemab partnership with Eisai can outperform the ill-fated Aduhelm. In this episode, we chat about what went down during the earnings presentation, including rumors of a shaky relationship between the two drugmakers.

We also explore AstraZeneca finally claiming an FDA approval for its long-troubled cancer immunotherapy Imjudo. The CTLA-4 drug has failed more than a few trials among different tumors over the years, and, now, it will enter a crowded and highly competitive liver cancer market. 

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