‘The Top Line’: Closing the $1 trillion women’s health gap

While it’s a known fact that women, on average, live longer than men, a recent report unveils a nuanced reality—women also spend more of their lives grappling with poor health. 

This week on “The Top Line,” Ayla Ellison, editor-in-chief of Fierce Healthcare and Life Sciences, explores the root causes behind this disparity and the multifacted nature of the women’s health gap. She's joined by one of the lead authors of the report, Valentina Sartori, Ph.D., and a contributor to the report, Kelle Moley, M.D.  

The report highlights that addressing the women’s health gap and investing in women’s health could inject $1 trillion into the economy annually by 2040, and Dr. Sartori explains why that number could be a significant underestimation. 

While the report provides a clear understanding of the challenges, it also sheds light on viable pathways to close the women’s health gap and create a future where women not only live longer but lead healthier lives.


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