Swedish medical university launches a MOOC in e-health

Karolinska Institutet, which is a world leading medical university, is now disseminating its unique knowledge with the launch of a massive open online course (MOOC) in the subject e-health. This is an area in which Sweden and Karolinska Institutet are seen as role models.

"Sweden is way ahead of the game because we have a relatively large amount of experience of using IT in healthcare. There is a great deal of accumulated knowledge here that we now want to share", says Professor Sabine Koch, the course coordinator.

Karolinska Institutet has long been aware of the importance of understanding this field, and has been offering a master's programme in the subject for the past five years. This has received positive appraisals from both the European Commission and the university's master's students, who testify that Karolinska Institutet offers a unique platform within health informatics. In simple terms, it is about building bridges between medicine and technology and making information management in health and social care both safe and effective. This requires substantial expertise, which is in plentiful supply at the university.

In order to spread this unique knowledge on the subject, the MOOC eHealth –Opportunities and Challenges is now being launched. The course is being delivered via the non-profit international education group edX, which started as a collaboration between Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The idea is to offer students from all over the world an introduction to the field of e-health and its opportunities and challenges from different perspectives The MOOC will give students the an understanding of what health informatics is, and how it works. They will learn about the factors contributing to success and the pitfalls involved in the development and implementation of sustainable e-health services. On completion of the course, students will have basic knowledge of how various e-health strategies can be used in the specific context they are in, and they will also have an understanding of what e-health can mean to the individual patient.

"IT projects in the healthcare sector require substantial expertise regarding the needs of the medical sector, as well as an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the technology. E-health can improve many aspects of the healthcare sector, but more insight is needed into the inherent problems of this area. We will be providing this knowledge in the course", says Sabine Koch.

This e-health MOOC begins on the 22 April 2015, registration is taking place up until the course commences.

For more information, please visit: https://www.edx.org/course/ehealth-opportunities-challenges-kix-kiehealthx

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