Supply Chain Resilience and Distribution Success

AmerisourceBergen was able to successfully respond to the unprecedented challenges of the past year because of years of investment in distribution and inventory management, according to executives at the company.

As the company has built efficiencies and scale, it has also built confidence in a flexible, reliable network, said Jan Burkett, senior vice president of global specialty branded and consumer products at AmerisourceBergen. In speaking with Fierce Pharma, Burkett added that it’s been tremendously satisfying to be part of the solution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Erin Horvath, president of distribution services at AmerisourceBergen, said by implementing a fair-share allocation approach, customers had what they needed and stockpiling was avoided.

Through robust analytics, the company could protect inventory on behalf of the entire customer base, and rapidly deliver to communities that needed it the most.

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