Stevanato inks auto-injector deal to continue drug delivery push

Stevanato has added another drug delivery technology to its portfolio, teaming up with Owen Mumford to provide customers with a two-step, single-use auto-injector that automatically adapts to a range of fill volumes.

Italy-based Stevanato made drug delivery a centerpiece of its $672 million IPO last year. At that time, the company already had a pen injector, an auto-injector, an inhaler and a wearable delivery system in its portfolio, and was looking to the IPO to help it compete against companies such as SHL Medical, Ypsomed Selfcare Solutions, West Pharma and Becton Dickinson in high-growth markets.

Stevanato has continued to advance the strategy since going public, most recently by teaming up with Owen Mumford to access another drug delivery technology. The agreement sees Stevanato become the exclusive manufacturing partner for Owen Mumford’s Aidaptus auto-injector. In that capacity, Stevanato will mold components, provide final and sub-assembly equipment and offer prefilled syringes to customers. 

In a statement, Mauro Stocchi, chief business officer at Stevanato, called the agreement an “important step” in the company’s drug delivery strategy, adding that it is continuing to see increased demand for auto-injectors. Owen Mumford thinks Aidaptus has advantages over rival auto-injectors.   

“This auto-injector can help reduce complexity, minimize supply chain risk and simplify final assembly for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, thanks to its ability to adapt to different viscosity, syringe sizes and fill volumes. Often during development or life-cycle management of injectable drug products, changes in these parameters can occur. Now for the first time, the device does not have to be changed as well,” Adam Mumford, director of Owen Mumford, said.

Other features are intended to improve the patient experience. Owen Mumford has sought to reduce the size and weight of the device while adding features such as an audible click at the start and end of each injection to make it easier for patients to carry and use Aidaptus.