Sound Surgical Technologies Launches VASERsmooth™

The Latest Minimally Invasive Cellulite Solution

LOUISVILLE, Colo., July 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Sound Surgical Technologies, a Colorado-based company that prides itself on a solid reputation for high quality, effective body shaping products and reliable service, announced the launch of VASERsmooth, the latest minimally invasive cellulite solution to hit the aesthetic market.

VASERsmooth technology is only available with the new VASER Lipo® System and provides an additional application for the already versatile body contouring device. The accompanying VASERsmooth kit includes a specially designed handpiece and set of probes that selectively emulsify superficial fatty tissue and cut the hardened fibrous septae responsible for skin dimpling and contour irregularities, which is more commonly referred to as cellulite. 

Early investigators of the technology are impressed with the results they have achieved and are finding that VASERsmooth is almost twice as fast as some of the other technologies currently on the market. Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Broadway, has been performing VASERsmooth procedures in his Lone Tree, Colorado Surgery Center for 2 months and is enthusiastic about the potential of VASERsmooth technology for long term cellulite reduction.

"I am very excited about the early results we are seeing with VASERsmooth technology. The procedure is several times faster than the Cellulaze™ treatment, and the physician gets real time, tactile feedback on the release of the fibrous septae. Thus far, the early results appear to be quite comparable to the results we are seeing with Cellulaze," says Dr. Broadway.

Dr. Peter B. Fodor, a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles, California, is also optimistic about VASERsmooth and has already seen the dramatic impact this treatment can have on his patients. "My early surgical experience with VASERsmooth to treat cellulite is very promising. The first patient we treated is approximately eight weeks post-op. She is very happy with her results and is wearing shorts in public for the first time in many, many years. She told us she feels like a teenager. I am looking forward to additional experience with the technique to define the role of VASERsmooth in our practice and for plastic surgery in general."

VASERsmooth is the newest addition to a complete line of body shaping accessories and systems now available from Sound Surgical Technologies. After being a single product company for twelve years, the company has rapidly expanded with five new product lines in the past eighteen months and has established itself as a technology leader in the aesthetic industry. The company's solid reputation for high quality, effective products and reliable service has made it the clear choice for many physicians.

"We are excited to add a minimally invasive cellulite solution to our growing list of body shaping and body contouring product lines. With the addition of VASERsmooth, Sound Surgical Technologies has truly become that one stop shop for physicians," says Dan Goldberger, CEO of the company. "Body shaping is our business. We focus all of our efforts on developing innovative technologies that work and providing superior support to our customers. It's a formula that we have found to be very successful."

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Sound Surgical Technologies is a Colorado based company that designs, develops, manufactures and distributes market leading surgical and non-invasive body shaping products that are backed by strong science and clinical efficacy, including the VASER Lipo®, VASER® Shape, PowerX®, TouchView®, Origins™ and VASERsmooth™ product lines. The company has been a well-respected and trusted manufacturer of ultrasound-assisted liposuction technology since 1998 and has spent the past two years building out a complete suite of body shaping products designed to serve the aesthetic market.

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