Sanofi ops shift threatens up to 600 jobs

Sanofi-Aventis is moving work around--and the changes are claiming jobs. As Pharmalot reports, the French drugmaker is shifting laboratory and regulatory affairs work from Great Valley, PA, to other locations, putting 400 employees and 200 contract workers in jeopardy. Meanwhile, a pilot plant in Bridgewater, NJ, is slated for closure; about 25 people now work there.

A Sanofi spokeswoman told Pharmalot that some employees will have a chance to transfer to other Sanofi sites, but she didn't know how many. She also said it's unclear how many jobs will be eliminated as work is shifted.

Sanofi has been reorganizing for some time, especially in sales, where more than a thousand reps and managers have lost their jobs. Certain manufacturing jobs are going, too, as Sanofi retools some plants from chemical production to biotech and vaccine work (though the switch will create other jobs in the process). And more cost cuts are to come, according to CFO Jerome Contamine, as government healthcare spending reductions threaten the bottom line.

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