Sanofi, busy with cost-savings campaign, restructures US commercial vaccine group

During a busy period of overhaul at Sanofi, the company is restructuring its U.S. vaccine commercial group.

The company is "implementing a streamlined strategic sales structure" as the U.S. vaccine market continues to evolve, a spokesperson said. The move is "aimed at optimizing our commercial structure for greater efficiency and effectiveness," he added.

"As with any change in our organization, we are providing multiple avenues of support to impacted employees, including both financial support, and outplacement assistance, as well as the opportunities to apply for the new positions," Sanofi's spokesperson said.

Endpoints News first reported the development on Thursday.

Word of the unit's restructuring comes shortly after Fierce Biotech revealed details of an ongoing R&D overhaul at the company. In an email to Sanofi staffers earlier this month, Sanofi's head of R&D, Houman Ashrafian, Ph.D., explained that the company would be adopting “a simplified R&D structure," Fierce Biotech reported. Layoffs are expected as a result of the pipeline transition.

Besides that revelation, Sanofi recently said it'd be selling a site in San Francisco that the drugmaker picked up from its $1 billion buyout of Amunix Pharmaceuticals. The company recently disclosed 100 layoffs in California at the Amunix headquarters.

Several weeks before that, Sanofi disclosed layoff plans at a U.K. site acquired in its 2021 buyout of Kymab.


Sanofi has been working toward CEO Paul Hudson's "play to win" strategy since shortly after he joined the company in 2019. But, after a recent strategy refresh in October, Sanofi's stock price fell sharply and has yet to recover.

In October, when Sanofi presented third-quarter earnings, the company said it would embark on a process to spin off its consumer healthcare division. In addition, the company withdrew its 2025 margin guidance and revealed a new cost-cutting initiative aimed at saving up to 2 billion euros from 2024 to the end of 2025.