Riverain Technologies’ Temporal Comparison X-ray Software Receives FDA Clearance

Unique Technology Helps Identify Potential Lung Cancer Earlier

DAYTON, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Riverain Technologies announced today that it has received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Temporal Comparison software. This software electronically compares current and prior chest X-ray images and can help identify nodules that may be early-stage lung cancer, when there are more treatment options.

The first-of-its-kind technology zeros in on differences between current and prior chest X-rays of the same patient, drawing attention to what may be an emerging or enlarging tumor. The software aligns and registers the two patient images to produce a difference image, which allows radiologists to pinpoint even subtle changes that show up more clearly than on a traditional X-ray. Temporal Comparison also has received approval for marketing in the European Union.

In a study of 422 pairs of chest X-rays, 15 radiologists were able to demonstrate an average 12.4 percent improvement in sensitivity for actionable solitary pulmonary nodules using Riverain’s Temporal Comparison software as compared to results based on comparing the X-rays side by side, today’s standard.1

At present, doctors place current and previous X-rays side by side to determine if there are changes in the lung tissue. Growths or infections show up in gradations of white, as do bones, the heart and other structures, making it difficult to detect changes, especially subtle ones. Riverain’s Bone Suppression software removes the bones from the image, then Riverain’s Temporal Comparison software accentuates changes between the two images, making any differences more conspicuous.

“Lung tissue is very complex and it can be quite difficult to see changes, particularly in certain areas, such as the hilum and apices where vascular structures and bones come together,” said Steve Worrell, Chief Technology Officer at Riverain. “The Temporal Comparison software is particularly helpful to radiologists in detecting changes in those areas.”

The groundbreaking combination of Riverain’s Bone Suppression and Temporal Comparison technologies also can be used with Riverain’s Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) to improve early detection of lung disease.

1 Riverain Medical DeltaView FDA 510(k) Reader Study Results 2011

Riverain Technologies

Riverain Technologies, formerly Riverain Medical, is a Dayton, Ohio-based medical technology innovator that develops practical solutions to save and improve the quality of people’s lives through the early detection of disease. The company’s technologies are designed to enhance the expert skills of radiologists to improve patient outcomes without additional radiation dose or procedures. For more information please visit: www.riveraintech.com.


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