The Department of Justice has filed a motion to participate in opioid litigation settlement talks as a "friend of the court." 

A prosecutor in Greece who is investigating bribery allegations against Novartis is probing the financial assets of more than 30 former politicians.

In August, BMS' Opdivo won a nod in colorectal cancer. Tuesday, it took a step toward nabbing that indication again, this time alongside Yervoy.

Novo Nordisk just won an FDA approval that could help it stand out in the crowded—and competitive—basal insulin category.

Thursday was a busy day for Europe’s regulators—and their whirl of activity will send several drugmakers into the weekend happy.

President Donald Trump Monday pledged to soon unveil a plan for drug prices and said the DOJ is considering suing opioid companies.

Pharma has suffered another defeat in the state-by-state war over drug prices.

China plans to merge CFDA into a massive market-supervision agency, while maintaining drug regulation as a separate bureau under it.