Reckitt Benckiser makes out big time on the misery of U.S. flu sufferers

The fact that this flu season's vaccines were not very effective was bad news for people hoping to avoid the condition but great news for the U.K.'s Reckitt Benckiser Group, which racked up an impressive first quarter on sales of over-the-counter flu meds like Mucinex. Its Q1 sales were up 13%, its best quarter in a couple of years, Bloomberg reports. The rate of flu related hospitalization in the U.S. was twice what it was the year before, an example of how poorly the vaccines worked this year, as the flu mutated into different strains from those the vaccines targeted. RB this week had to recall 1.5 million bottles of Mucinex in the U.S. after discovering some bottles had faulty labels. Story | More | More