Progenra Receives Approval of Novel Patent for Isopeptidase High Throughput Screening Platform

This new patent is Progenra’s first in a series of novel ubiquitin proteasome pathway patents giving them exclusive rights to HTS technology that facilitates discovery of inhibitors or activators of any of vast numbers of human, viral, fungal and bacterial deubiquitylating enzymes.

MALVERN, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Progenra, Inc., announced today their receipt of an Official Notice of Allowance, dated June 15, 2010, of U.S. Patent Application No. 11/156,707, “Diagnostic and Screening Methods and Kits Associated with Proteolytic Activity.” IP protection of this technology was also recently granted by the European Union. This technology will enable faster drug discovery by improving the ability to identify more selective drugs that modulate the handling of proteins associated with various disease states.

“This is a huge step forward, not only for Progenra, but for the industry,” said Michael Mattern, COO of Progenra. “This process condenses the timeline for drug discovery and in understanding drug efficacy and compatibility with the human body, while avoiding unnecessary expenditures associated with R&D.”

One of Progenra’s objectives is to design and perfect assays for Deubiquitylases (DUBs) that mirror events within the cell resulting in a physiological effect. Older high throughput assays, which measure the removal of ubiquitin from a small molecule rather than a complex protein, have failed to identify DUB inhibitors of pharmacological value. Progenra’s assay has identified physiologically relevant inhibitors that have demonstrated activity in cells as well as proof of concept in multiple "in vivo" models of human cancer. Progenra is actively looking for partnerships and/or licensing opportunities.

About Progenra, Inc.

Founded in 2003, Progenra is focused on discovery and development of medicines by targeting the ubiquitin pathway. Progenra has utilized its expertise to develop HTS platforms for ubiquitin deubiquitylases. Numerous deubiquitylases and ligases have been identified as therapeutic targets for the discovery of drugs to treat a variety of diseases. Progenra’s assay platforms are uniquely adaptable to screen modulators of the vast majority of ligases and DUBs. The company’s intellectual property portfolio underscores Progenra’s commitment to both technology platform development and drug discovery in the ubiquitin field. The company has filed applications for patents covering its E3 ligase screening platform and its deubiquitylases inhibitor lead compounds that exhibit promising activity in anticancer animal models.


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