Pharma reps with know-how get access

Want to know what pharma reps think about sales these days? A new survey asked reps to enumerate their on-the-job challenges. The results show companies expect reps to have more knowledge about therapies and diseases. In addition, it's increasingly difficult to get access to doctors and other clinicians.

Reps also cited company downsizing, FDA regulatory issues, and healthcare reform as issues they're dealing with. But the key thing appears to be trust--an umbrella that encompasses both knowledge and access. "No physician will listen to the science unless they have trust in the individual presenting the data," as one doctor told Medical Marketing & Media.

The research firm conducting the survey concurred. "Despite hearing that reps can't get access, reps that do bring the right knowledge and information to the table do get access and keep access," Michelle O'Connor at the CMR Institute told MM&M, "despite policies [that limit rep visits] at the office or practice."

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