Pfizer responds to FiercePharma

Tracy Staton wrote an article on Thursday, based on this piece in Forbes. Pfizer took exception to our article and sent the following statement.

"Firstly, no attempt was made to contact Pfizer for comment or perspective on this story prior to publication. We take great effort to ensure we engage with all media on any potential story to ensure accuracy and perspective. 

"Secondly, Pfizer takes serious issue with the headline and article that present a misleading assertion that our CEO is blaming the insurance companies. Mr. Read has never stated that it is the insurance companies fault.  Furthermore, to suggest in the first sentence that 'Pfizer ($PFE) CEO Ian Read says he's met the drug-cost enemy, and it isn't pharma' is an outrageous claim with absolutely no evidence that Mr. Read has said this.

"The third paragraph juxtaposes claims from oncologists suggesting that Mr. Read is addressing them as 'Again, not a drug company's problem, Read says'. Mr. Read never said this and this section is out of context suggesting that Mr. Read is responding directly to them.

"What we do need is a robust discussion between all parties in health care to find sustainable long term solutions and that we need the right incentives and structure to pay for treatments and cures.

"Having good insurance, including coverage for medicines, is critical. We advocate that the price patients pay for the medicines their physicians prescribe is as low as possible. When a medicine isn't available or affordable based on their insurance plans, then we provide help through our patient assistance programs. This approach allows patients access to the medicines their physicians prescribe today, while providing them the treatments they will need tomorrow."