Pfizer kills off Exubera, hunts for deals

It's official: Pfizer is giving up on Exubera. Pulling its plug cost the company $2.8 billion against third-quarter earnings, a charge that sent profits tumbling 77 percent to $761 million. Once a blockbuster hopeful, the inhaled diabetes drug failed to catch on, delivering only $4 million in sales during the last quarter.

Meanwhile, analysts are still hashing over the company's next deal. A Citigroup report--based on conversations with Pfizer management--says the company will be "more transaction oriented" over the next year and a half. But rather than focusing on big buys, such as Amgen or Wyeth, the company probably will focus on smaller fry. Biogen Idec and its $23 billion market cap, for instance. The report recommends Biogen and ImClone as good fits.

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