Pfizer data could mean new use for Lyrica

Might Lyrica get yet another indication? As Motley Fool notes, the Pfizer drug just passed a trial for neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury. No detailed data was released, but beating out placebo at reducing pain may just nab Lyrica another use. And another use can only be a good thing for the blockbuster drug.

Lyrica is already approved for nerve pain associated with diabetes and for pain in shingles patients. Given that it's already approved for those related indications may mean that it's already prescribed off-label for neuropathy. But an indication in neuropathy could still be a boon, the Fool figures, giving Pfizer reps the chance to go out and tout the drug for that use.

"We are pleased with the top-line results of this study," Pfizer SVP Steve Romano said in a statement, "and look forward to more fully understanding the benefit that Lyrica may bring to these patients."

Last year, Lyrica brought in more than $3 billion in sales for the company. That, of course, includes sales of the drug for its other big indications--epileptic seizures and fibromyalgia. The drug's sales are on their way to beating that number for 2011, The Day reports. And as the Fool points out, as the company nears the Lipitor patent cliff, every additional bit of sales helps.

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