Patient charities ink deals to wrap up the Justice Department's co-pay kickback probe

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Two patient co-pay charities are settling with the feds to escape patient kickback allegations. (Pixabay)

An industrywide federal probe into drugmakers' use of charitable foundations to allegedly offer kickbacks for prescriptions of its drugs has netted some big fish in the last two years. Now, for the first time, two of the charities involved in the case have agreed to settle. 

Good Days and Patient Access Network Foundation will shell out a combined $6 million to close U.S. Department of Justice claims they operated as pharma front funds to effectively pay patients to take their drugs. 

Good Days President Clorinda Walley said in a statement the foundation would "continue to comply with all regulatory requirements surrounding charitable copay assistance programs and we welcome further clarity and (Office of the Inspector General) guidance to ensure we can continue to put patients in need first."

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As part of the deal, Good Days agreed to pay $2 million while PAN Foundation will shell out $4 million. Neither foundation admitted wrongdoing. 

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