Pall AllegroTM Single-Use Mixer Improves BioPharm Process Efficiency

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., June 15, 2011 - Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL), a global leader in filtration, separation and purification, introduces the Pall AllegroTM 200L Single-Use Mixer for high-performance mixing in biopharmaceutical applications from pilot scale to full production. This latest addition to the extensive portfolio of Pall Allegro single-use solutions and services substantially improves the efficiency of critical mixing processes throughout the drug production cycle.

The Allegro 200L mixer is designed to provide exceptional mixing performance for a wide range of liquid-liquid and solid-liquid mixing applications, including compounding, formulation, buffer and media preparation, and pH/conductivity adjustment. It is especially engineered for difficult mixing applications, including processes utilizing dense powders or high viscosities, or applications requiring repeatable, fast-mixing performance.

Product features include:
Impeller designed for low-shear, general purpose mixing.
Clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation for complete flexibility in up-flow and down-flow mixing depending on process requirements.
Very easy installation and removal.
Consistent mixing performance in volumes from 50-200 liters.
Flush drain valve to prevent entrapment of high density solids during mixing.
Same high quality film as in Pall's Allegro biocontainer product range in order to reduce validation requirements
Good Engineering Practice (GEP)-compliant design for efficient mixing performance.

"Reduced drug development timelines, smaller batch sizes, increased safety requirements and more stringent validation guidelines are all driving the demand for single-use solutions in drug production. Adding a high-performance, single-use mixing solution to Pall's Allegro single-use platform that is particularly well suited for critical applications gives biopharmaceutical manufacturers an important new tool to improve process efficiencies and help speed product to market," said Ken Frank, senior vice president of Pall Corporation and president of Pall's Biopharmaceutical Division.

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The Pall AllegroTM platform provides a complete range of single-use processing solutions, technical support, and validation services to support all biopharmaceutical development applications from upstream through downstream as well as formulation and filling. The high-performance Allegro 200L Single-Use Mixer further strengthens Pall's growing portfolio of single-use total fluid management solutions by simplifying qualification and validation requirements, and streamlining implementation.

Pall Life Sciences provides cutting-edge products and services to meet the demanding needs of customers discovering, developing and producing biotech drugs, vaccines and classic pharmaceuticals. Pall technologies are also used to collect and process blood components and help protect patients from hospital-acquired infections. The company's membranes and membrane devices optimize detection and sample preparation in the drug research, clinical diagnostics, genomics, and proteomics markets. Pall is a leading provider of separation systems and single-use filtration and purification technologies to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to support faster development of new drugs and vaccines that are safer and require less energy and water to produce.

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