OneOncology aims for better drug prices

Bookstores do it. Mom-and-Pop grocers do it. Why shouldn't oncologists do it? Small oncology practices are banding together to get better prices for expensive cancer drugs, thanks to a new drug distributor OneOncology. The company intends to pool orders from hundreds of oncology clinics across the country, then allow wholesale distributors to bid for the rights to fulfill those orders.

The catch? AmerisourceBergen, which controls half the cancer-drug market through its Oncology Supply unit, says it won't participate, citing thin margins and OneOncology fees, which will amount to a percentage of the winning bids. Besides, when you rule the roost, you don't want some upstart cushioning its own nest with your feathers. Undeterred, OneOncology says it plans to announce its first auction date soon. It's signed up some 200 oncology clinics so far.

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