OmniChem expands high potency capabilities & invests in new equipment

OmniChem expands high potency capabilities & invests in new equipment   
 OmniChem has initiated an expansion of its center of expertise in development and manufacturing of Highly Potent APIs & Intermediates with the commissioning of a new production facility designed to handle products with an OEL down to 0,1 µg/m³/8h shift.
 OmniChem currently offers on two sites capabilities in high potency :     
 at lab scale with brand new laboratories equipped with glove boxes;
 at pilot scale (up to batch size of 50 kg) with a multipurpose containment unit having a total capacity of 2500 L equipped with vessels of 20 L to 1600 L;
 at large scale (up to batch size of 250 kg), with a unit equipped with glove boxes and vessels up to 6000 L capable of handling products with an OEL down to 1 µg/m³/8h shift.
 With this new State of the Art facility, OmniChem increased its capacity in handling high potency products class 5 by  4800 L, two lines of production equipped with vessels of 800 L & 1600 L will be added. Each of both lines will be segregated and equipped with Hepa filtered glove boxes. 
 Isolation, drying & packaging will be performed in dedicated rooms.
The building will have secured access for personnel and will integrate the most up-to-date SHE regulations.

 This new investment comes in line with our strategy to stay a leader in handling of highly potent and cytotoxic compounds. We offer a full integrated service to our customers to support their GMP development & manufacturing of highly potent intermediates and APIs at all development stages.

OmniChem is pleased to announce that Mr Dave Andrews has been appointed as US Sales Director. With immediate effect the Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemicals business based in Belgium will have a dedicated US office. Dave will manage the US business focused on the custom manufacturing operation. Dave may be contacted via e-mail at [email protected]