New Report World Dermatology Market (Drugs, Therapeutic Segments and Disorders) (2010 to 2015) Published By MarketsandMarkets

DALLAS, August 31, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 10,00,000 new cases of skin nonmelanoma cancer has been reported for the current year only in U.S. This enhanced the market for anti skin cancer drugs and therapies within the dermatology market. Dermatology continues to remain one of the promising sectors within the pharmaceutical market due to recent drug developments in the respective area. Acne, dermatitis, psoriasis continue to generate major revenues for the market. Further, psoriasis is expected to grow at significant growth rates in the coming years due to numerous pipeline drugs awaiting FDA approvals such as Humira. The market challenges for the players in an era of increasing generic competition are to recognize attractive niche markets and efficient life cycle management. Also, innovative drugs or treatments are expected to drive the market to a great extent. Moreover, increased awareness on skin care and treatments are also impacting the market positively.

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Each section of the report offers market data with respect to segments and geography. It also provides market trends with respect to drivers, restraints and opportunities. The report contains strategic section with respect to competitive landscape and market overview. The report will encompass more than 40 company profiles.


    - To define and intensively analyze the global dermatology
    - To identify and assess the market with respect to all food
    encapsulation technologies, products, applications and services currently
    available in the market.
    - To analyze comprehensively each of the market segmentation with
    respect to market drivers, restraints and opportunities that is impacting
    the market revenues and trend.
    - To quantify and evaluate the market revenues for each of the
    micro markets with respect to products, applications and services
    revenues attributed to respective geographies (North America, Europe,
    Asia and Rest of the World).
    - To analyze and comprehend the core competency of the market
    players by profiling the companies with respect to their product
    offering, revenues, target market, pricing, pipeline products, patents
    and recent developments.
    - To understand the competitive scenario by tracking an indicative
    strategy trend such as mergers & acquisitions, alliances, joint ventures
    etc. in the industry among the top market players.


This market report will enable strategic understanding on the global dermatology market. The report covers the following key market segments.

    - Dermatology pharmaceuticals & therapeutics market (Anti
    psoriasis, antibiotics, anti skin cancer, surgical, non surgical)
    - Dermatology Skin disorders market (Acne, Psoriasis, Infectious
    diseases, Dermatitis, Rosacea)
    - Dermatology market by mode of delivery (topical, oral,
    intravenous medication)
    - Dermatology market by purpose


    - Pharmaceutical industries
    - Biotechnology industries
    - Contract Manufacturers
    - Cosmetic Industry
    - Dermatologists
    - Skin care/beauty clinics
    - Associations

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