New Pharma Focuses on Think60 Movement

New Pharma Focuses on Think60 Movement

BARRIE, ON, June 5th, 2012 – New Pharma is evolving into a community for strategic thinkers and decision makers within the pharmaceutical industry

Responding to the need for fast, high-quality information focused on disruption and innovation in the industry, New Pharma Magazine is evolving into a community where thought leaders and decision makers can be introduced to and share information and ideas.

The content on the new website will be presented in a variety of formats including webinars, videos and articles. Prominent thought leaders throughout the world will also be featured in the New Pharma community, providing opinions via comments and Twitter chats. The community will open its gates June 13th, and can be found at

New Pharma's power comes from its ability to regularly stimulate members of its community to think about the future. Articles and media are delivered each week through its 'weekly
stimulants,' a message to subscribers listing key issues and providing a quick and easy way for them to read, comment, like and share those topics that interest them the most.

Nearly half of the participants in a recent poll said that they spend more than three hours each week thinking about the future of their business and/or industry. "It has become our mission to bring those big thinkers together into one community and also to provide them with innovative, disruptive industry content to fuel discussions and create some added value" says Asa Cox, Editor in Chief.

New Pharma's evolution to a community of thinkers is based on the Think60 movement – an idea that business leaders should be spending upwards of 60 minutes in a given day - roughly 10% of a typical work week - thinking about the future of their business.

New Pharma Thinkers will be available on June 13th, 2012. To become a member of this community, please visit

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