NeedyMeds Provides Information on Inexpensive Generic Medications

Information on $4 Generic Programs Now on the NeedyMeds Website

(Gloucester, MA) – NeedyMeds (, nationally recognized as the best source of information about programs that help with the cost of medications and healthcare, recently added information on all the $4 generic drug programs in the country. These programs offer inexpensive generic medications for generally $10 or less.

"There's information on over 120 of these programs," said Rich Sagall, M.D, President and co-founder of NeedyMeds. "Until now there hasn't been a single source to learn about them. This is the first time information on all these programs is searchable and available in one spot."

Although commonly referred to as "$4 generic programs," the prices vary from free to $10 for a 30-day prescription. Often the program price is less than the insurance copayment. The drugs in these programs have been used by many for years. Their side effects are well-known as are potential drug interactions.

"We are excited about adding this new information," said Leah Zaroulis, the projects lead researcher. "It will help simplify the process of finding the best price for medications."

The database contains the prices of thousands of generic medications. In addition, users can determine which programs are located near them and link to the programs' websites. The listing includes national pharmacies such as Walmart, CVS and Walgreens, plus regional and local pharmacies that offer a $4 generic program.

"Our goal at NeedyMeds is to provide all the purchasing options so individuals can find the best price for their medicines," said Sagall. "This information complements our data on patient assistance programs, coupons, copay assistance programs and rebates."

"We offer a great drug discount card which helps thousands of people save every day," said Zaroulis. "But our primary goal is to help people save by utilizing whichever program is best for them. If the best price is through a $4 program, then we want them to use it"

Information and details on the $4 generic programs are available on the NeedyMeds website by going to Click on "Patient Savings" and then "$4 Generic Discount Drug Programs."

In addition to $4 generic programs, NeedyMeds has information on pharmaceutical patient assistance programs; programs that help based on diagnosis; diagnosis-related camps; scholarships and retreats; and data on over 13,000 free/low cost/sliding scale clinics. All the information is free, easy to access, and updated regularly. Unlike many other sites, NeedyMeds requires no registration and gathers no identifiable information on site visitors.

About NeedyMeds: NeedyMeds, a national nonprofit, is a comprehensive and reliable source of information on assistance programs available for people having difficulties paying for their medications or health care. The website ( is visited by approximately 10,000 people each workday. NeedyMeds' information is always free, easy to access, and updated regularly. Unlike similar sites, NeedyMeds requires no registration and gathers no identifiable information on site visitors.