NeedyMeds, Inc Receives Grant from Merck to Further Awareness of Patient Assistance Programs for Those in Need

NeedyMeds, Inc Receives Grant from Merck to Further Awareness of Patient Assistance Programs for Those in Need
Grant allows for Spanish translation of NeedyMeds's website and will assist in educating and training health care clinics about patient assistance programs

Gloucester, MA (Vocus) October 5, 2010
NeedyMeds, a national nonprofit, is pleased to announce that it has received a $100,000 grant from the Merck Company Foundation, which will be used to increase awareness of patient assistance programs to those in need. NeedyMeds will use the funds to translate its website into Spanish as well as work closely with various health care clinics to increase their knowledge of and access to patient assistance programs.

NeedyMeds has the most comprehensive and current data on more than 490 programs and 4500 medications and is updated daily by its research staff. Additionally, NeedyMeds maintains information on over 11,100 free/low-cost health care clinics located throughout the country, more than 900 programs that offer direct financial assistance for those with specific conditions, as well as disease resource pages for various diseases, coupons to reduce the cost of medications, and a database of camps and scholarships for children and adults with certain health conditions. All the information is easily accessed from NeedyMeds' website and is free.

Merck announced that it has significantly expanded the number of its medicines available through its Merck HelpsTM patient assistance programs, which include the Merck Patient Assistance Program, the Merck Vaccine Patient Assistance Program, the ACT Program for Oncology and Hepatitis C medicines, and the SUPPORT® Program for HIV/AIDS medicines. The Merck Helps programs provide Merck medicines and vaccines free of charge to eligible individuals, primarily the uninsured, who earn up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level who, without assistance, cannot afford needed Merck medicines.

"Unfortunately, many patients don't know that there are patient assistance programs available if they can't afford their prescriptions, and the need is great," said Richard Sagall, MD, co-founder of NeedyMeds. "That's why we are pleased to partner with Merck to help further raise awareness of these programs." Translating the website into Spanish and working to educate and train healthcare clinics on how to access these assistance programs will help Merck and NeedyMeds' shared goal of increasing awareness and usage of these programs.

About NeedyMeds:
NeedyMeds, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit, is the leading independent source of information on patient assistance programs and other medical assistance resources to help under- and uninsured individuals obtain access to the medications and health care they need. The website ( is visited by approximately 14,000 people each workday. All of NeedyMeds' information is always free, easy to access, and updated regularly. NeedyMeds requires no registration.