More suffering at Merck ahead

Merck has seen its share of ups and downs (mostly downs) over the last few years, but it seemed like things were finally turning around for the company--despite myriad lawsuits over (need we say it again?) Vioxx.  

Under the guidance of Richard Clark (photo), however, the company had eight drugs approved in just two years, a feat that no doubt helped raise its standing in the eyes of investors. In efforts to weather the storm, Clark led a restructuring effort that resulted in thousands of job cuts.   

Now Merck stock is down 50 percent compared to about a year ago and the stock has performed worse than that of any other major pharma company. Tomorrow, Clark will try to impress investors with some smooth moves, but he had better have a trick up his sleeve if he wants to impress Wall Street, writers at Forbes say. Wall Street investors won't settle for anything less than some remarkable research or news of a smart and strategic acquisition.

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