Merck's India sub aims for big growth

While Big Pharma sheds sales reps left and right in the U.S., at least one Indian outpost is set for significant expansion. MSD Pharmaceuticals, Merck's subsidiary on the subcontinent, plans to more than double its staff there over the next two years. Right now, MSD has a work force of 700, and aims to beef up to 1,500 to "strengthen its sales and marketing network and become a leading company by 2015," India's Business Standard reports.

The bigger sales-and-marketing team will be necessary to support twice-yearly drug launches aimed at broadening MSD's product portfolio in a major way. Among the new launches planned: a hepatitis B vaccine, chickenpox shot and rotavirus vaccine. On the pharma side, the company aims to roll out drugs for heart disease, asthma and cholesterold treatment, said Naveen Rao, MSD Managing Director.

- see the story in the Business Standard